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Three questions to find truth and expose lies

The truth will set you free, assuming you can identify it. In our age of spin and exaggeration, it takes a little work to figure out if what you’re hearing is actually true according to God. Here’s a quick three-question shortcut that might help:

  1. What exactly am I hearing? (Be able to articulate what another person is saying and what they mean by their words.)
  2. What exactly does God say? (Find as many Bible passages as you can about this topic.)
  3. Does God agree with what I am hearing? (Compare #1 with #2.)

Finding the truth is rarely easy, but it is always worth it.



This is Satan’s biggest lie in just three words. That’s why it is time for us to talk back. God is good! All the time! Sanctify us by the truth, Father. Your Word is truth.

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