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A light on a hill
Katrina Harrmann
by Katrina Harrmann
January 28, 2024

When the snow falls thick and fast on a Michigan winter’s night, my family has been known to troop through the neighborhood to an old, reliable sledding hill tucked in a ravine behind some houses.

It’s a classic hill … steep, with a creek running along the eastern end, which causes a thrill of fear for the wayward sledder who veers off course.

When it’s dark, it’s hard to see because the hill runs down into a deep forest. But the folks who live in the house at the top of the hill have a large floodlight. And if they notice sledders, they will turn it on, lighting up the whole hill.

Such a simple, kind gesture.

I’ve seen them light up the hill for 20 sledders. But more often than not, they’ll light it up for just our family. And the kindness of the gesture is like when you’re cold and someone hands you a cup of something warm.

“As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people,” the apostle Paul advises in Galatians 6:10. 

Turning on a lamp is such a simple gesture. These folks don’t do it for acclaim or to look good. They do it out of pure kindness. 

This makes me wonder about the little chances we get every day, opportunities to show love to others when no one else is looking: hold a door for someone, check on a neighbor, help someone with a heavy load. The opportunities are endless.

Who can you “turn on a lamp” for today?

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