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Resources on abortion

Need Someone to Talk to or More Assistance?

Christian Life ResourcesChristian Life Resources (CLR) has been providing facts, counsel, and guidance on abortion and other beginning-of-life issues for almost four decades. Most important, CLR bases all it does on the Bible—even when educating on matters of science, medicine, or policy—and is careful in all its communications to provide the perspective of God’s Word as it relates to these issues. See more at

A useful fact sheet on abortion can be read and downloaded here.

Christian Life Resources has a network of pregnancy care centers across the U.S. that are visited by approximately 11,000 clients each year. These affiliates offer a warm heart, listening ear, and helping hand along with a wealth of information to guide those involved in an unexpected life choice. Visit or call the national office at 1.800.729.9535 to find a center near you.

NEW BEGINNINGS - A HOME FOR MOTHERSIn addition to its network of pregnancy care centers, CLR also founded and supports New Beginnings—A Home for Mothers, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. New Beginnings exists to help single mothers and their newborns with spiritual, academic, and vocational assistance in a residential setting. New Beginnings also networks with single mothers in the community to provide assistance where possible. Visit the New Beginnings website or call 414.376.0595.

Care Net offers compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through our life-affirming network of pregnancy centers, churches, organizations, and individuals. Visit for more information, or for a list of more than 1,100 centers across North America.


Heartbeat International is the first network of pro-life pregnancy resource centers founded in the U.S. (1971),  and it is now the most expansive network in the world. Heartbeat has over 2,800 affiliated pregnancy help locations including pregnancy help medical clinics (with ultrasound), resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies in more than 60 countries around the world to provide alternatives to abortion. Visit the Heartbeat International website or call its 24/7 helpline at 1-800-712-HELP.


Need to Talk to Someone?

No matter the circumstances that have made a pregnancy a challenge or frightening and no matter whether you are a mother or a father, your pastor is someone you can count on to give you God’s perspective. Talk to your pastor before you make any big decisions. If there is guilt, pain, anger, or fear involved in your situation, he is uniquely charged with addressing these things with both truth and love so you are able, with full understanding and in the power of the gospel, to make God-pleasing decisions that are also what is best for you and your unborn child.

And if you are troubled over a decision you made in the past, perhaps even over an abortion you had or encouraged, the forgiveness and relief you need only comes from God, and your pastor is eager to offer you that healing in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mike’s messages

Grace Talks

Time of Grace Podcast

Behind the Series: “Abortion: What Does God Say?”

Hear why Pastor Mike is tackling this complex issue. He is joined by Amber Albee Swenson, one of our Time of Grace bloggers, podcasters, and writers, as they take a deep dive into Pastor Mike’s upcoming TV message series on abortion. They examine truth, preemptive preaching as parents, healing and forgiveness, how the church should respond, and the unfortunate entanglement of government and politics.

Amber will also continue the conversation on her podcast, Little Things. In a three-part series, Amber talks with two women who had abortions, the subsequent trauma and impact, and how they found healing. Just search Little Things on your favorite podcast app.

Little Things Podcast

An Abortion Story: Alone and Ashamed

In this episode, Amber talks with Laura as she shares about her relationship, what led her to choose abortion, and the shame that impacted that decision.

An Abortion Story: Finding Healing

In part 2 of Amber’s conversation with Laura as she shares the story of her abortion, she talks about the trauma she experienced post-abortion and what led to her healing.

An Abortion Story: Coerced and Quiet

Carol was coerced into abortion by her boyfriend and circumstances. She held the pain of that abortion for 40 years before finding forgiveness and restoration.

Recommended Reading

Pro (Every) Life by Pastor Mike Novotny

It’s time for God’s people to breathe life and hope into the issue of abortion—and that means seeing every womb, every woman, and every person involved through God’s eyes and with his grace. Whether you have experienced an abortion yourself, you know someone who has, or you simply want to understand this topic from God’s Word, Pro (Every) Life by Pastor Mike Novotny offers much-needed insight into this complex and sensitive issue. 

Filled with personal stories from those who’ve walked this path and bravely shared their experiences, this book offers a unique window into the real-life impact of abortion—inviting every reader to lean into God’s grace and truth and extend it to others.

Grace Moments

Pastor Mike wrote a series of 13 Grace Moments devotions related to the topic of abortion. Download the free PDF here.