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Almost home
Amber Albee Swenson
by Amber Albee Swenson
April 24, 2023

Did you know the average life expectancy in the U.S. according to WorldData is 74.5 years for men and 80.2 years for women?

Subtract your age from those numbers, and you’ll still have no idea when you’ll die. But you can know with certainty that today you’re one day closer and that in light of eternity, all of us are almost home.

If you’re in pain, that means you are almost free. The physical suffering you’ve endured is almost over because you are almost home, and you are assured once there you’ll have no more “death or mourning or crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4).

If your days are marked with loneliness because your spouse is already in heaven or you haven’t found a person who brings you closer to God and wants to walk with you through life, look ahead. You’re almost home, where you’ll enjoy the “great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1), a.k.a. the company of all saints of all time for all time.

If you’re surrounded by stuff, you might want to start unloading because you’re almost home. Job said that you came in naked and naked you’ll go out (1:21).

And if the opposite is true and it doesn’t look like you’ll ever have enough to buy a house or take a cruise, no worries. You’re almost home, where the streets are not just lined with gold but gold through and through (Revelation 21:21).

If you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and overlooked, know that heaven is a rest unlike any rest you’ve ever known. It’s a Sabbath rest, where striving will cease (Hebrews 4:9-11) and where you will experience the peace of God in a way you never can while in a sinful world.

If you’ve been hurt by people in the church, you may want to find yourself a new one or become—through mammoth infusions of the Word and worship and podcasts and books and blogs of people who love Jesus more than and despite the hurt—so Christ-like that you can walk back into that old church forgiving the people who hurt you with a “Father forgive them” attitude. (Trust me when I tell you I don’t say this flippantly but as someone who has waded and struggled through church-hurt and wants you to experience the same freedom of getting out of the bog and back on dry ground.) Here’s why it matters. The church isn’t dissolved in heaven. Rather, when we get to heaven, we’ll join the biggest worship service of all time (Revelation 7:9-13). Join with the saints on earth now because you’re almost home. And yes, heaven is big enough for all of us.

Take evangelism and every kingdom-building opportunity and eternal life and death seriously. This is our time to tell people about Jesus and pray for fertile hearts for God’s Word to grow. A day is coming when we won’t be able to work in God’s kingdom. We’re almost home, and that means we’re still here, still tasked with working while it is day (John 9:4).

And if you are really, truly almost home and your strength is nearly gone and living is hard, then in the many moments of waiting for Jesus to call you and the angels to carry you home, pray for those of us who are still on the battlefield. Pray for us to have unwavering faith, undivided hearts, open doors, and relentless courage to do all God gives us to do. Then close your eyes with a smile because soon enough you will be home.

The rest of us are right behind. Soon enough we’ll all be home.