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An opened mind
Christine Wentzel
by Christine Wentzel
April 14, 2024

While reading a study book on the 23rd Psalm, I was dangerously close to sleepwalking through the entire book. The author’s study questions and answers were such familiar territory until I came to the author’s chapter on the fourth verse. There her insight caused this sleepy-eyed student to stub her toes against a chest of treasure.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me” (EHV). After I read through the verse, the author instructed me to go back and intentionally take note of the words walk, through, and shadow. She pointed out that I am not running in fear, not standing in terror, and not lost in the dark. Where there is shadow, there is light, and the Light in this valley is Christ, and he is with me! 

The author of the study used a widely known portion of the Bible to highlight the faith-building treasures laying there for all to see. How many times do I miss the wealth of godly knowledge because I read and do not see?! The Lord’s Spirit opened my mind to receive this treasure at the perfect time and also reminded me that his Word will accomplish his purpose. God’s Word is alive, powerful, and true. 

“If you search for it like silver, if you hunt for it like hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord, then you will find the knowledge of God, because the Lord gives wisdom” (Proverbs 2:4-6 EHV).

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