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As sweet as honey
Andrea Delwiche
by Andrea Delwiche
June 11, 2022

Psalm 12 speaks about untrustworthiness in human relationships, but the psalmist starkly contrasts the words and communication we receive from God. It’s a very specific description: “The words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times” (verse 6). The words of the Lord are “flawless.” Other translations of the Bible say, “pure.” Either way, it’s a pretty big deal. Flawless means “without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect. Without any mistakes or shortcomings.” The words of the Lord are without blemishes or imperfections. Free from lies and doublespeak. Able to be trusted.

Elsewhere in the Bible, the Lord says to his prophet Ezekiel, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” Yes, digest the Word of the Lord. And how does Ezekiel describe the flawless words of the Lord? He says, “So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth” (Ezekiel 3:3).

How many times in a day do you doubt the words of others? How many times during the day do you doubt your own words, whether the words you speak out loud or the words that populate the thoughts in your head? Do you long for words that are backed up by action and truth?

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, spend time each day digesting the words of God. They are always applicable, and they will always nurture and sustain—flawless and as sweet as honey.

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