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At the empty tomb with Mary—Part 3
Christine Wentzel
by Christine Wentzel
April 20, 2022

“Jesus said to her, ‘Mary’” (John 20:16).

The Word made flesh holds the power to create from nothing, but with a gentle breath, he drove out Mary’s unbelief and grief by speaking her name.

She remembered. She might have wanted to collapse on him in relief and repentance for her blindness. We do the same every time he reminds us of his presence no matter how bad things appear.

With Jesus’ salvation mission at an end, his relationship with Mary and the rest of his people changed. He would no longer live on earth among them, but he would promise not to leave them alone to their own devices. He sent her on her way to spread the good news to his disciples. 

Mary did as she was told—with an eagerness we do well to emulate. She didn’t need a degree from a Bible college or a seminary school. She simply spoke what the Lord had told her. She didn’t need to worry about anything beyond that. We have those same abilities, the same urgent mission. Go and tell!

Thank you, Lord. The account of Mary Magdalene is especially meaningful for your daughters. You honored a woman to be the first witness of your resurrection. You know our need to be reassured of your love and that we are of worth in your eyes. Open ours to see the encouragement, purpose, and promise forever preserved in the account of Mary at the empty tomb. Amen.

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