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Living My Faith

Be an ambassador

I was once called the Ambassador of New Ulm, Minnesota. Are you impressed? I was a teenager working a fast-food drive-through. I told a…


The Power of Prayer

Do you believe that prayer works?

Living My Faith

They use Jesus against us

Maybe Jesus was having a bad day when he told a story where the hero was a dishonest manager. Maybe he felt discouraged by…

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Dan helps us learn how to handle anxiety and depression.

Living My Faith

Be ready

As a Christian, you’ll stick out when you don’t bash Jessica in office gossip, when you don’t mock Randy’s new fashion disaster, when you…

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety: There Is an Alternative to Worry?

Instead of playing worrisome scenarios in our heads, we have an alternative. Pastor Dan encourages us by sharing what we can do instead of worrying.

Living My Faith


Let’s say you’re a contestant on Jeopardy. One of the categories is “The Bible.” Right in your wheelhouse. When it’s your turn, you get…

Living My Faith

Remember, you are blessed

When did you last contemplate the blessings you’ve received from God? Have you thought about it like this psalmist? “Surely you have granted him…

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety: Stop Thinking Worst-Case Scenarios

Are you a “what-if” person who often thinks of worst-case scenarios? How do you get your anxiety under control if you’re a “what-if-er”?

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety: Does God Hear My Prayers?

Do you ever feel like God isn’t listening to your prayers as you grapple with depression?

Life’s Challenges

I’ll be happy when . . .

I’ll be happy when I’m done with school. I’ll be happy when I’m married. I’ll be happy when I have kids. I’ll be happy…

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety: I Feel Alone in My Faith

It’s not easy to follow Jesus and do the right thing when everyone around you is doing the opposite. So what can you do when you’re feeling alone and outnumbered?