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Be still
Ann Jahns
by Ann Jahns
April 10, 2023

When my husband and I were young parents, taking three little boys under the age of four to church was an adventure, and not the fun “let’s go backpacking through Europe” type of adventure. Armed with soft books, washable markers, and crushable Cheerios, our goal was to make it through the service—with no need for stitches. And because it’s not acceptable to yell in church, especially by parents who know better, we’d find ourselves stage-whispering constantly, “Sit still. Be still!”

God also whispers to us, his children, “Be still” (Exodus 14:14). But what does that even mean for us right here, right now? The world we live in is anything but still. It’s constantly moving, constantly changing, constantly shifting. The 24-hour news cycle. Endlessly updating social media feeds. Work and activities and kids’ sports and obligations and [fill in the blank]. Who has time to be still?

Exodus 14:14 explains why we should be still: The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still!” The reason that we can be still is because God is God, and we are not. Thank goodness. Those who believe in Jesus, who have tasted the sweetness of the gospel after feeling the sting of the law, can be still. We have a stillness in our souls. The world we live in might be racing out of control, but it’s like we’re standing still as it swirls around us, confident in the power of our God.

Be still, believer. Take a deep breath. Our God is in control.

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