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Before the beginning
Andrea Delwiche
by Andrea Delwiche
April 16, 2023

Feeling unsettled? scared? like it all depends on you? like you’re powerless to do what needs to be done? Feeling sick of others? tired of the chaos of this world? You’re not alone. Chances are that nearly every person reading this in every corner of the globe has had these thoughts. The individual cries of all of us are heard by our God who stands with us and surrounds us.

Our world lacks grounding and certainty. When one problem resolves, another jumps eagerly in to take its place. Overwhelming. Consider the much deeper, sustaining reality of our universe in this one sentence: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1).

Before the chaos and tragedy of our modern, news cycle-driven world was the Word, Jesus Christ. One with the Father and the Spirit, our triune God intentionally spoke our world into being. God still sustains it. We are here purposefully as his hands and feet and heart, working with him to love it still.

We’re not riding on a careening ball of destruction, alone and without hope. We’re planted in a carefully conceived world that’s presided over and saturated with the love, care, and attention of the One who gave it life.

God stands before the beginning of the world. He stands with us now. How can you hold on to the reality of God’s eternal presence in your walk today?

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