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Bring your doubt
Pastor Matt Ewart
by Pastor Matt Ewart
April 9, 2023

I don’t remember much about my Sunday school experiences as a kid, but I do remember one lesson in particular. The lesson was about Jesus’ resurrection, and the point I remember is that one of the disciples doubted that Jesus could be alive. We call him Doubting Thomas.

Now as I look at that story as an adult, I wonder if we could have given him a better nickname: Honest Thomas. He didn’t hide the doubt that was in his heart. He verbalized doubt more honestly than I do. While it’s not beneficial for us to question what God declares to be true, it’s also not healthy for us to ignore doubt when it settles into our hearts.

At least Thomas was honest. He wanted to see and touch Jesus before he could believe in a resurrection. His honesty gave Jesus an opportunity.

“Then [Jesus] said to Thomas, ‘Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe’” (John 20:27).

Jesus does not deny doubters. Jesus is not intimidated by your doubt. When you are honest like Thomas and bring your doubt before Jesus, it will not last long. Jesus is alive. Doubt cannot survive where death has been defeated.

One day you will see Jesus with your own eyes and touch him with your own hands. Until then, don’t be afraid to expose your doubt to the power of Jesus’ resurrection.

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