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Who is God?

How can we know what God is like? He tells us in the Bible and shows us every day through the people and blessings around us. Even in our struggles, God reveals his love for us because he’s overflowing with grace and forgiveness, and he sent his Son, Jesus, for us!

Bible 101

Betrayed and Abandoned in the Garden

Jesus was abandoned by his friends after his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane. Have you ever abandoned him? Pastor Jon looks at the significance and lessons of Holy Week. Pastor Jon also mentions another Grace Talks series about the importance of the Lord’s Supper. You can watch that series here:

Bible 101

Palm Sunday and a Donkey

The week that Jesus was crucified, he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey—a small but significant detail. Pastor Jon looks at the significance and lessons of Holy Week.

Who is God?

All the “feels”

One thing that stands out in the last week of Jesus’ life is that Jesus went through all the “feels.” If there was a…

Who is God?

Lord, give me patience with you

Of all the many things I do that irritate my wife, known and unknown, near the top of the list must be her persistent…

Who is God?

Easy for God

The battles of the Bible make me laugh. Just when I’m expecting some Saving Private Ryan/Braveheart/Lord of the Rings epic conflict, God shows up…

Living My Faith

Working with clay

God is using us, and we may not even know it. “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the…

Living My Faith

More Tough Questions With Pastor Mike

Watch the entire series from this past week as Pastor Mike answers more tough questions from viewers like you.

Who is God?

What does God look like?

If God were to wait on your living room sofa for you to get home, what would you see when you walked through the…

Living My Faith

The Israelites aren’t the only ones with a problem

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought the children of Israel were pathetic. Me too. I mean, really people, God brought down supernatural plagues…

Who is God?

Why Did Jesus’ Blood Save Us?

Why do Jesus’ blood and death save us from hell? Why such suffering to save us, and how does this allow us to have a relationship with God? This week, Pastor Mike answers tough questions from viewers like you.

Life’s Challenges

Mercy for sinners; judgment for scoffers

The biblical book of 2 Chronicles is the account of the monarchy of the kingdom of Israel and, after the division, the southern kingdom…

Who is God?

Evil Has Already Been Defeated?

If the way God deals with evil is so unbelievable, how are we supposed to believe it?