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Come soon, Lord Jesus
Pastor Mark Jeske
by Pastor Mark Jeske
September 15, 2020

There’s lots to love in this life. God’s creation is so beautiful. Childbirth is such a stunning miracle. Children’s voices and laughter are so joyful. Music and poetry and dance and painting and architecture enrich our spirits. Achievements at work can be really satisfying. The love of family and friends gives such warmth.

But the burden gets heavier each year, and sometimes we are just so ready to go home to heaven. We’ve had enough pain, frustration, and disappointment for a lifetime. Certain of our salvation, grateful for grace, eyes heavenward, cleansed and confident, we can say the Revelation prayer: “Maranatha. Come soon, Lord Jesus.” 

He is coming soon. Expect him at any minute (maybe today). “Look, I am coming soon! Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy written in this scroll” (Revelation 22:7). Here’s the core of the prophecy you need to keep in your heart: Jesus loves me unconditionally. He has forgiven me everything. I am safe in his arms. Everything is going to be all right.

A gifted English priest named Samuel Stone wrote this amazing and encouraging verse about the embattled Christian church. May it give you hope today:

Though with a scornful wonder the world sees her oppressed,

By schisms rent asunder, by heresies distressed,

Yet saints their watch are keeping; their cry goes up, “How long?”

And soon the night of weeping shall be the morn of song.