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Cry for a moment
Christine Wentzel
by Christine Wentzel
March 23, 2023

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

Oh, the bittersweet joy this sentence gives! We draw comfort knowing Jesus was emotional enough to cry. His pain was enough to make him weep. In two words we know our Savior felt compassion, empathy, and sorrow for all his hurting people. As the Son of Man, he is human, just like us (yet without sin). His body reacted to strong feelings, just like us.

However, there is one undeniable difference between how he handled his emotions and how we handle ours. He remembered the sacred joy in the suffering of his mission. He believed his obedient life was our liberation from sin. He knew he was our only chance to live happily ever after.

On your journey to your forever home in heaven, go ahead and cry. Not only does it release built-up tension, but it shows your ability to feel. It gives your family in Christ a chance to comfort you, which strengthens your relational ties.

But don’t get lost in the crying. Just like everything else in life, crying has its seasons. Jesus promises to wipe your cheeks dry. He sets you back on your feet. Your sure trust in God’s care now means you do not surrender to hopelessness.

Cry for the moment. It’s okay.

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