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Dear Mom
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
May 12, 2022

Dear Mom,

I miss you every day. Your motto rings in my ears: “Put on the full armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11). I appreciate everything you taught me about faith and life. You seemed so certain about it. You must have had doubts, but it never showed because you were wearing the armor. There were things in your life to be sad about, but you drove away despair by keeping yourself busy. Did God tell you? One of your projects is still going strong. It’s a blessing to many and even generating money for God’s work. You’d be proud of it, but you wouldn’t take the credit.

I tried living up to your example. But I did some things I never told you about because I knew you would be disappointed with me. I’m still trying to live up to your example. As you know, sometimes the armor of God is very heavy and doesn’t fit very well. But we put it on anyway.

You’d be delighted with your grandchildren and great grandchildren. They are special, and we speak of you often. There is lots of you in them. They are wearing the armor too. They loved playing with your can full of buttons more than toys. They give people monster cookies in empty oatmeal boxes because they saw you do it. They learned how to love from you.

Mom, I miss you every day, and your motto rings in my ears.


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