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Grace Moments

Grace Moments are daily devotions written by Pastor Mike and many other Time of Grace writers. These Bible-based messages cover a wide variety of topics and help you experience a satisfied life as you see God all around you. Join the thousands of people who receive these devotions for encouragement by subscribing to have them delivered to your inbox each morning.

Friends & Family

A place for lost sheep

Is there a place in your heart for lost sheep? They’ll return if we don’t give up on them, if reclaiming them is our…

Living My Faith

Easter is about/for real events

The most frequently used words in John’s account of Easter morning are . . . “saw” or “looked” (John 20:1-20). Mary saw the stone…

Living My Faith

Easter is about/for real places

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is believed by most scholars to mark the actual tomb of Jesus. This church was built…

Living My Faith

Easter is about/for real people

Easter is more than a story. It’s history. Because history is about real people, places, and things, which are exactly what we find in…

Living My Faith

What love is

I know my husband loves me. He doesn’t surprise me with candlelit dinners or flowers. But he cleans the house on his day off….

Living My Faith

No greater love

The heart-wrenching attack on Ukraine by Russia is a clear demonstration of the worst of humanity. Yet amidst the destructive cruelty we’ve seen play…

Living My Faith

Stay tuned

Agree or disagree: Streaming TV services have ruined TV watching as we know it. I disagree. If you’re patient, you get to watch an…

Living My Faith

A multiracial Messiah

The other day, I tried to track down all the Jesuses in my office. I gathered every painting, picture, icon, and action figure. Then…

Living My Faith

The King deserves our praise

Around the world, it’s not uncommon for the people of a country to hold a parade for the soldiers who are going into battle…

Living My Faith


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to be satisfied? If you’re like me, living in a prosperous country, you have/own/enjoy more blessings…

Life’s Challenges

Peace at all costs

Right now you may be feeling some tension with someone in your life. Maybe you did something to create the tension. Maybe the other…

Living My Faith

Struggles with Genesis?

For many, the struggle with science and religion starts in Genesis. “You’re saying God created the universe with just a few words? And Adam…

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