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Grace Talks

Grace Talks are short video devotions that cover topics from prayer to marriage to questions about faith to fighting negative self-talk to suicide to so much more. The videos not only feature a variety of topics but also a variety of speakers, and each will show you that the temporary things of life don’t satisfy; Jesus does! You can also subscribe to have these videos emailed to you daily for encouragement.

Living My Faith

How You Can Make an Impact: With Small Acts

Do you feel too ordinary to make a difference? Pastor Jon assures you that God can and will use you. How?

Living My Faith

Answering Skeptics: Am I Expected to Just Forgive and Forget?

Can we really just forgive and forget those who have hurt us? Pastor Dave gives us three pointers to help us forgive others the way God forgives us. This week, Pastor Dave looks at questions and objections that people have when it comes to Christianity.

Living My Faith

Here’s How You Help Jesus

What do you see when you look at the face of someone God has put in your life to help? Hint: Do you see Jesus?

Living My Faith

Feeling Like a Loser? Fact: You’re a Victor

You may feel like a nobody, but through Jesus, you are a winner.

Living My Faith

Feeling Hopeless? Fact: You Have a Future

You may feel hopeless, but God gives you this definite hope.

Living My Faith

Feeling Worthless? Fact: You’re Priceless

Sometimes you might feel worthless. But the fact is, in God’s sight, you’re priceless.

Living My Faith

Have Faith Like a Child

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Dave helps us see why it’s important for us to have faith like a child.

Living My Faith

Taste the Goodness of God

It’s easy to think you’ve got it all figured out. But whether you’re 9, 19, or 91, God still wants you to be spiritually fed and to grow.

Living My Faith

When Having No Filter Is Good

Sometimes we adults need to be like children and have no verbal filter. Pastor Dave explains.

Living My Faith

Why Do We Want to Please God?

Why do we get disappointed when God doesn’t give us the blessings we want? Instead, Pastor Dave says we should be like children and want to please God.

Living My Faith

How to Truly Satisfy Your Heart

It’s only when you tap into something unfailing that you can really have happiness.

Living My Faith

A Love and Happiness That Endures Forever

What can Broadway teach us about happiness? Spoiler: That we’re looking for it in the wrong places. Pastor Mike explains.