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Grace Talks

Grace Talks are short video devotions that cover topics from prayer to marriage to questions about faith to fighting negative self-talk to suicide to so much more. The videos not only feature a variety of topics but also a variety of speakers, and each will show you that the temporary things of life don’t satisfy; Jesus does! You can also subscribe to have these videos emailed to you daily for encouragement.

Bible 101

What Does God See in You?

God sees in you someone who can lift up others.

Bible 101

Strength in Weakness?

This coming year, you’re going to see your weaknesses. But there, Pastor Jeremy reassures, you will also find strength.

Who is God?

Why Should God Love YOU?

Do you sometimes look at your past and wonder if you could ever be loved?

Life’s Challenges

Weighed Down With Regret?

As you reflect back on the past year, how do you handle your regrets?

Living My Faith

When Not Seeing Led to Believing

Are you hoping to see good things happen in 2022? Whatever you see or don’t see, you already have reasons to be confident.

Bible 101

Do You Really Trust God?

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Phil helps us in our faith walk.

Bible 101

Do You Trust in God’s Promises?

You may feel you’re running on empty in life. But that’s okay because you’re just like Abraham.

Bible 101

You Can Be A Hero of faith?

You can be a hero of faith—but not because of how great your faith is.

Bible 101

Is God Testing Your Faith?

What has been your greatest test of faith?


What Does Your Prayer Life Look Like?

It’s okay to beg and plead with God. Be bold and confident. Wrestle with God in prayer.

Living My Faith

Where Is Your Life Going?

You may not know where your life is headed, but that’s okay.

Who is God?

Unpacking the True Meaning of Christmas

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Mike shows us the true meaning of Christmas by unpacking the Christmas story.