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Grace Talks

Grace Talks are short video devotions that cover topics from prayer to marriage to questions about faith to fighting negative self-talk to suicide to so much more. The videos not only feature a variety of topics but also a variety of speakers, and each will show you that the temporary things of life don’t satisfy; Jesus does! You can also subscribe to have these videos emailed to you daily for encouragement.

Living My Faith

God & COVID-19: Life Is Short, But This Isn’t

In a world where life passes by in a few short breaths, there is only one thing you can always rely on. Pastor Mike reveals this certainty during these uncertain times.

Who is God?

God & COVID-19: Reach Out Like Jesus

What in the world is God up to with the coronavirus? Maybe the pandemic is God’s way of teaching us basic Christianity.

Life’s Challenges

Where Is God During COVID-19?

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week, as Pastor Mike tackles the tough topic of why God is allowing us to suffer the pain of the coronavirus.

Life’s Challenges

God & COVID-19: Pain Is to Prevent Perish

Maybe God is using COVID-19 as a megaphone to rouse the world and let you know that he wants to give you something the coronavirus can’t take away.

Life’s Challenges

God & COVID-19: Pain Leads to Peace

Maybe God is using COVID-19 to strip away the powerful things of our culture so we realize they’re not that big of a deal. God’s the big deal.

Life’s Challenges

God & COVID-19: Pain Means Less Confusion

Without pain, we would confuse our understanding of God. Pastor Mike explains how our suffering through COVID-19 helps us know God.

Life’s Challenges

God & COVID-19: The Purpose of Pain

What’s the only way you can know that someone’s not using you? That they actually love you? Pastor Mike’s answer may surprise you. But it also gives us a glimpse into why God is allowing COVID-19.

Life’s Challenges

God & COVID-19: Why He Allows Pain

Why does God allow us to go through pain? Pastor Mike kicks off this series with four reasons why God is allowing COVID-19. Come back to watch the rest of the series this week as he elaborates on these reasons.

Living My Faith

Trusting the Things You Can See

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week, as Pastor Dave reminds us how we can find certainty in this uncertain world by trusting the things we can see.

Living My Faith

Forget the Recognition

It doesn’t matter if anyone sees the good things you do. Remember the only important audience is your audience of One.

Living My Faith

What’s Most Important to You?

Your priorities may be listed correctly. But beware how easily the devil can flip your priority structure around.

Living My Faith

Get Perspective Through God’s Word

In the midst of the worries of this world, we need to hear that God is still in control and will never leave us. How can we hear that?