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Our tv program airs globally via various outlets, but you can also search topics and watch the program right here. Each episode is a 30-minute study of God’s Word with Pastor Mike Novotny and teach us that thanks to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, we have full access to God—right now!

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Living My Faith

What Is Love? Isn’t Jesus on MY Side?

Issue after issue, regardless of which side you choose, everyone says Jesus is on their side. But two thousand years ago when Jesus walked the earth, what did he really say, and whose side would he take today? This message takes a close look at Jesus and his words and teaches us how we can learn from his perfect example of love.

Living My Faith

What Is Love? Show Tough or Tender Love?

Love. Some define love as speaking the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. Others define it as acceptance, approval, and applause. Love, according to the apostle Paul, is actually both tough and tender—but love is not equal parts of both. Pastor Mike walks us through Paul’s words, revealing Paul’s recipe for love and giving us three takeaways on how we can show love in the most meaningful way.

Living My Faith

Whose Truth Do I Trust? The Church’s Truth?

If our hearts can deceive us and the world can mislead us, certainly the church is a good source of truth. Well . . . maybe. Since the hearts of church leaders can be deceived and many people can follow their teaching, how do we know we can trust the church? Pastor Mike explores what we can do so we know when to trust the church.

Living My Faith

Whose Truth Do I Trust? Their Truth?

Think of the top two to three voices that get your attention the most: the cable news networks, talk radio shows, podcasts, friends, family members, pastors, teachers. Now, Pastor Mike challenges, are these voices sources of truth you can trust? How do you know? Pastor Mike looks to the Bible to help us answer if we can trust their truth.

Living My Faith

Whose Truth Do I Trust? My Truth?

“Be true to yourself.” That message is found everywhere in today’s culture. Since churches, religions, and families are so obviously flawed, we are taught to turn inward in order to find what is true, beautiful, and right. But how do we sift through the countless and oftentimes conflicting desires that we find within? In this message, Pastor Mike poses the question, “Should I live my truth?” The Bible’s answer may surprise you.

Living My Faith

Churchy Words Explained (and Why You Should Care): Cross

The cross. Pop stars, rappers, bikers, and pastors tattoo it on their bodies, an artistic shape that seems to mean all things to all people. But what does the cross actually mean? As Pastor Mike unpacks the word “cross,” he shows us how knowing what the cross is, that Jesus died on one, and what Jesus’ death means today will change us in profound ways.

Living My Faith

Churchy Words Explained (and Why You Should Care): Kingdom

What did Jesus love to teach about the most? It wasn’t love, grace, forgiveness, heaven, or hell. It was the kingdom of God. But in the 21st-century world, the idea of a “kingdom” is unclear. Pastor Mike defines “kingdom” using two key words and helps us see how we can find comfort in “kingdom,” especially during life’s scary moments and challenges.

Living My Faith

Churchy Words Explained (and Why You Should Care): Faith

Most people are familiar with faith. Christians have faith. Buddhists have faith. Atheists have faith in science and humanity. But what does the Bible mean by faith? Because the Bible certainly says a lot about faith. And that’s why in this message, Pastor Mike slows down and digs deep into the word “faith” to make sure we all know what it means and how it helps us find lasting peace.

Living My Faith

Churchy Words Explained (and Why You Should Care): Saved

To be saved means to be rescued from danger. So what danger are Christians talking about when they use this word? Who was in danger and is now saved? And by whom and from what and what for? Pastor Mike helps us understand the significance of “saved” and its impact on our lives.

Living My Faith

Churchy Words Explained (and Why You Should Care): Grace

Grace is, as we have heard countless times, amazing. But what makes it so amazing? What exactly is “grace,” and how do we even define it? Pastor Mike gives us a clear definition and what it means for us by opening up the Bible to the story of how a murderous man was transformed into the greatest missionary for Jesus—after being struck with grace.

Living My Faith

Churchy Words Explained (and Why You Should Care): Good

If there’s a word that seems simple to define, it’s the word good. Good is, well, good. It’s someone who isn’t bad. But how you define good is gravely important. Are you good? Are we good enough? If not, how do we become good in God’s sight? In this message, Jesus challenges our definition of good and calls us to the only way to be good enough to get close to God.

Life’s Challenges

How to Deal With Shame

Shame is the unshakable feeling that we don’t belong, tempting us to run away from God and his people. Shame can be tied to something done to us, something we have done, or something we have continued to do. As hard as it is to open up about shame, it’s even harder to address in the church. Pastor Mike dares us to cross that line and show what can happen when a Christian community learns to deal with shame.