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Doctrine happens in the kitchen
Emily Krill
by Emily Krill
June 24, 2024

A friend recently told me that he went to a personal trainer with three goals: to increase strength, to improve balance, and to lose weight. The trainer said she could absolutely help him with the first two goals, but her impact on the third would be limited. Curious, he asked her why.

She said, “Because weight loss happens in the kitchen.”

She said this because she knows how closely our health is linked to the foods we consume. This is why so many of us spend extra time in the grocery store looking at labels and choosing the options that are made with ingredients we can pronounce, right? In fact, it even goes beyond what we eat; mental health professionals have begun to stress the importance of looking at why we are eating too.

It struck me the other day how similar this idea is to the importance of this week’s word in Pastor Mike’s Dirty Bible Words series—doctrine. Pastor Mike points out in his message that doctrine is simply a fancy word for “a set of beliefs.” We all have those! And most of us try to be very intentional about spending time with others who share our personal doctrine. I’m not just talking about friendships. I’m also talking about where we purchase products, where we go on vacation, what schools we send our kids to, and especially where we worship.

We do this because weight loss happens in the kitchen.

Obviously, I don’t mean that statement literally this time. The reason this same advice applies in the case of doctrine is because a solid set of beliefs helps us make wise decisions. We can “cut the fat” (or in today’s world, the Red 40) out of our lives if we know what is true and good. We can make the best choices about what and why to “eat” when we understand God’s design for this life. Jesus said it better in John 8:31,32: “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’”

So that means there is one ingredients label we all need to know better: the Bible.

When we spend time with God, getting his words written in our hearts, we can make godly decisions about all the people, places, and things we encounter each day, including

  • Friends
  • Entertainment
  • Conversations
  • Thoughts
  • Daily decisions
  • Church (Yes, even church! Have you ever looked at your church’s doctrine or statement of beliefs to see if it aligns with God’s Word?)

In short, wise decisions rooted in truly good doctrine don’t happen in the gym or the kitchen. They happen as a result of aligning our set of beliefs with God’s.