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Easter is about/for real events
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
April 14, 2020

The most frequently used words in John’s account of Easter morning is . . . “saw” or “looked” (John 20:1-20). Mary saw the stone rolled away. John looked into the tomb. Peter saw the strips lying there. Unlike many modern “testimonies,” Mary didn’t say, “I just felt God saying to me . . .” Peter didn’t preach, “I just believe that Jesus was reaching out to me.” No, these people gave their eye witness accounts of the events they saw. Because they didn’t want another subjective story. They wanted objective history!

I love that detail from the first Easter morning. In a world of varied beliefs and religions, I crave something concrete, something rooted in the real events of real history. Don’t you? Because a Jesus who is historically risen and literally alive is present for the real events that you will go through this week. The sleepless nights. The staff meetings. The visits to the ER. Everything. Christians never face anything alone, because Mary, John, and Peter reported the real event, which would alter every real event that followed.

Are you worried about an upcoming event in your life? Don’t be. Jesus is no longer in some tomb. He is alive, well, and with you always, working out everything for the good of his church. Just ask Mary, John, and Peter.