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Encourage others
Pastor Clark Schultz
by Pastor Clark Schultz
March 5, 2024

I love getting mail, even if it’s a bill (at least until I open it), but to see my name in print, to see something addressed to me, talk about one of the highlights of my day! My name. I matter, if even to the cable company. 

On a larger scale, you and I matter to God. Even if you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, God loves you! I’m not just talking about a mushy butterfly in the tummy love but a love that says you are worth dying for.

Hebrews 10:25 says,[Encourage] one another.” Friend, your past sins do not define you. What defines you is whose you are in Christ. When I taught high school, I would ask my teens to list people who encouraged them on their faith walk. Answers ranged from teachers and pastors to parents and coaches and so on. If I knew the person who encouraged a particular teen, I would share that teen’s essay with them. The overwhelming response was joy to see that someone thought they mattered. They were encouraged to hear a teen found their words or actions uplifting.

It’s easy to spew venom and talk negative about a group or about ourselves. Be encouraged by knowing you matter to God, and look for someone today to give some encouragement back too. Go old school and write them a letter of thanks. Who knows, maybe they love seeing their name in print, and your words will be more joyful than the cable bill.