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Everyone has a place
Pastor Clark Schultz
by Pastor Clark Schultz
January 22, 2022

How do you feel when you see someone else make the winning basket and you’re stuck on the bench? Or how do you feel when the person in the next cubicle gets the new, shiny car and you still drive the minivan with Cheerios on the floor? 

Are you happy, jealous, or just insecure? 

John the Baptist’s disciples were jealous that Jesus was baptizing and getting more fame than their master. Less shine on John’s star meant less shine for the disciples. So like a bunch of second graders, they ran to John. John didn’t answer with, “I’ll show you, Jesus!” or, “Who is this Jesus to steal my thunder!?” Quite the contrary, he let his disciples know that everyone has his or her place. “He must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:20).

In other words, everyone has different gifts and talents given by God. John humbly accepted his role as the forerunner to the Savior and trusted God’s plan that Jesus was the real Savior people should follow.   

God creates each of us with different roles and different talents. Instead of jealousy, why not turn to the God who loves you, died for you, and has made you unique like a snowflake.

Yes, there may be people more talented than you in some areas, but that doesn’t make you inferior or less in God’s eyes.  

Our God is not into petty games of jealousy. He is 100 percent into you and wants you to fulfill the purpose he has for you in this life.

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