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Bible 101

Answering Skeptics: But There Are Hypocrites in the Church

You might be turned off by the church because you see so many hypocrites. And you’d be right. Because Jesus said there would be hypocrites in the church.

Living My Faith

Answering Skeptics: Do I Need to Do Good to Get Into Heaven?

If I’m a good person, shouldn’t that be enough for me to get into heaven?

Living My Faith

Flawed but Blessed: Why Does God Love Liars?

We know that honesty is the best policy, even when we are tempted to lie because the truth will cost us. Yet we lie anyway. But perhaps even more damaging is when we fall for the two biggest lies we’ve been told most of our lives—lies that we even tell ourselves.

Bible 101

Spiritual but Not Religious

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Mike tells us why we CAN’T be just “spiritual but not religious.”

Bible 101

When Being “Spiritual but Not Religious” Failed

Spoiler: It’s not okay for you to just believe in God and just pray to him without any structure or organized religion. And here’s why.

Bible 101

Did You Leave the Church Because of Your Pastor?

Can you forgive the pastors who have hurt and disappointed you? Can you reconnect with a church again?

Bible 101

Does Your Church Tell You the Truth?

These are the two truths your church needs to tell you.

Bible 101

Do You Really Need Church?

You can podcast a thousand different sermons, stream amazing worship music, and make online donations to a church. So why do you need to come to an actual church?

Bible 101

Is It Okay to Be Spiritual but Not Religious?

Are you content to have a personal relationship with God and see no need for community? God insists otherwise, Pastor Mike says.

Living My Faith

Flawed but Blessed: Why Does God Love Me?

How do we find more self-control in our lives? The Bible gives us a clear answer. Spoiler: It’s not where most self-help books would direct you. And what does it mean when you lose self-control and mess up? Does God still love you? Pastor Mike digs into Genesis and looks at the life and family of Jacob to find the answers.

Living My Faith


Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Matt helps us learn the importance of patience and how to be more patient.

Living My Faith

Be Patient by . . . Giving Time Away?

How generous are you with your time to other people?