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Bible 101

Why Hasn’t Jesus Ended the Suffering Yet?

If Jesus loves us and is supposed to come back, ending the pain and suffering of our world—kids get cancer, loved ones go through depression, spouses are betrayed, natural disasters cause destruction—why hasn’t he done it yet?

Bible 101

Are the End Times Real?

What do you believe about the end times? Why is it so easy for people to believe our world could end because of a global pandemic, climate change, or nuclear war—but not believe that Jesus will appear in the air and the world will end?

Bible 101

Crash Course Christianity

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Matt gives us a crash course on Christianity.

Bible 101

Crash Course Christianity: Why Do Good Things?

Why do we need to do good things and be good people when God will forgive us anyway?

Bible 101

Crash Course Christianity: Do I Have Enough Faith?

What does it mean to have faith? How do I know if I have enough of it?

Bible 101

Crash Course Christianity: Can I Believe the Bible?

Why do Christians view the Bible as truth? It comes down to one thing, Pastor Matt says.

Bible 101

Crash Course Christianity: Am I Good Enough?

Why did Jesus have to die? And why did he have to be crucified on a cross? To understand this, we need to understand what sin is—and it’s more than just doing something bad.

Bible 101

Crash Course Christianity: One Event Changed Everything

What is Christianity about? It sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Let’s start with one single event.

Bible 101

Why Aren’t Miracles Big Anymore?

Why were miracles so big in Jesus’ day and not as big and crazy now? This week, Pastor Mike answers tough questions from viewers like you.

Bible 101

Not by Sight but by Faith

Pastor Jeremy gives us the proper perspective as we start this new year.

Bible 101

What Does God See in You?

God sees in you someone who can lift up others.

Bible 101

Strength in Weakness?

This coming year, you’re going to see your weaknesses. But there, Pastor Jeremy reassures, you will also find strength.