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Follow Jesus in weakness
Pastor Jeremy Mattek
by Pastor Jeremy Mattek
March 13, 2022

“Pastor,” the woman on the phone said, “I need you to stop by the house as soon as possible. It’s very urgent.” 

“What’s wrong?” the pastor asked.

“I need to give you my church offering for this coming weekend,” the woman replied.

“Why don’t you bring your offering with you to worship on Sunday?” the pastor asked.

“Because if I don’t give it to you now,” she said, “I’m going to spend it on alcohol tonight.”

This woman had struggled with alcoholism for many years. The temptation exposed her spiritual weakness over and over. Yet that day she found strength to keep fighting against it, a strength that came from knowing that Jesus didn’t die to save the people who prove they’re strong enough to follow him. He died to save a world full of sinners who regularly prove that they’re not. 

Maybe you feel weak against this same temptation. Or maybe the temptation is entirely different. But no matter what, Jesus already died to forgive that weakness. God loves you. He’s still here for you. He has already prepared a place in heaven for you.

That’s a special gift that will always provide the strength you need to keep fighting against your weakness.

This is why the apostle Paul wrote, “I will boast of the things that show my weakness” (2 Corinthians 11:30). His weaknesses, and the truth that they were forgiven in Jesus, provided powerful encouragement and strength to Paul and to anyone who has ever felt weak against temptation.