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Get dressed!
Pastor Clark Schultz
by Pastor Clark Schultz
June 24, 2024

Get dressed! This phrase starts and ends our days. Children fighting to take off their pajamas in the A.M. are arguing 12 hours later to put those same pj’s back on at the end of the day. “Why is it always a fight?” my wife and I ask.

The world is evil, and for the Christian there is always a fight. The apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:11-17 to get dressed. But what do we wear? Paul has excellent fashion advice. “The helmet of salvation”: where your head goes, you go. Is your head on straight? Perhaps life makes you shake your head, but you are saved! No matter what happens, God has saved you! Let that soak into your head. 

“The breastplate of righteousness”: a breastplate protects the vital organs. Many in this world will take their stab at you, ridicule you, or try to tear you down. You are right with God! Christ made you righteous no matter what others hurl at you.

“The belt of truth”: a belt holds up and holds close. You want the truth? God in his Word holds you up! God through his Son’s sacrifice holds you close. 

Finally, “your feet fitted with … readiness”: where you go, there you are. Your mission in life is not to get rich or die trying. Whatever occupation, whatever road you are on, you take the gospel with you to share with others. This peace you have of sins forgiven can be shared with others who need to get dressed! 

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