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God and the 5 love languages
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
October 18, 2023

Have you ever heard of or read the book The 5 Love Languages? This classic on relationships has sold more than 13,000,000 copies because of its simple but powerful concept. The concept is that we each tend to show love and feel loved in one of five ways—gifts, time, touch, works, and words. When your mom or your best friend or your boyfriend speaks “your language,” you will feel incredibly loved. (Anyone who likes touch and has recently gotten a back rub is saying, “Amen!”)

It hit me that the God of love speaks all the languages. God sent his one and only Son into the world as the best gift ever in order to spend quality time with people as he walked the earth. In his conception and birth, Jesus took on flesh and blood, which meant you could touch his hands and side after he was risen from the dead. On the cross, our Savior did the ultimate work, proving that he did not come to be served but rather to serve us. Through faith in his sacrifice, believers get to hear the stunning words of the gospel—you are loved, forgiven, and safe from sin and death and hell.

I don’t know your love language, but I do know that the God of love speaks it. So, beloved, be loved today, knowing that God is speaking your language. “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him” (1 John 4:9).

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