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God and the preacher
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
February 11, 2022

“Hey, Preacher, why so glum?” 

“Nothing I’m doing seems to be working. People aren’t coming to church. Money is tight. There’s conflict at meetings. And people expect me to do something about it.” 

“Well, why don’t you take a different approach?”

“Are you serious? Don’t you know we have a system? I was trained in the system. I need to look like I’m loyal to the system. Besides, the old guard that keeps my church afloat is content with the system. They would grumble if we changed things. I can’t afford to lose them.”

“But everything is permissible.”

“I thought about trying something new, but do you know what they do to you at preacher meetings if you try something new? I mean, we spend most of our time discussing the system and how important we preachers are to preserving the system. It’s not safe to question the system. That just puts a target on your back. I don’t want to eat lunch by myself. If I ever want another job in the system, I need to fit in.”

“Listen, Preacher. It’s my church. I married myself to her long before you had a system. I’ll still be married to her after your system is gone. It’s my Word that matters. It was my Spirit who called you to serve. I want my world saved by my gospel. I put a good head on your broad shoulders. Feel free to use it. I’ve got your back.”

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