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God gets your abuse
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
May 21, 2023

Have you ever been going through something in life and had a conversation with someone who truly understood what you were going through? Maybe you were dealing with daily anxiety or divorce court or a family member who was walking away from church, but God gave you a person who had walked in your shoes and could relate to your pain. Isn’t there something powerful about such moments? Even if your situation doesn’t change, there’s something about knowing that other people understand.

Maybe that’s why Jesus was abused. An old prophecy about his suffering predicted, “He was oppressed and afflicted” (Isaiah 53:7), which Jesus felt in the soldiers’ fists, their verbal taunts, and the crown of thorns they pressed onto his head. Our Savior was physically, verbally, and emotionally shamed behind closed doors and on a hill outside of Jerusalem for everyone to see.

Jesus’ experience on earth means that he gets what it’s like to be abused. When you call out to him in your prayers, Jesus doesn’t wrinkle his forehead in confusion, unable to relate to your situation. Instead, his head slowly nods and his eyes brim with compassion. He knows what that’s like. He has felt that pain. He has carried those wounds.

One day, Jesus will come back and end abuse once and for all. Until that day comes, however, he walks by our sides and listens to our prayers as the Son of God who gets it. Jesus gets you.