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God still has work for you
Ann Jahns
by Ann Jahns
July 12, 2022

My friend Donna was recently taken home to be with Jesus. For years she struggled with infections that trapped her in a dizzying pattern of rotating between home, the hospital, and rehab. At times she pleaded with God to take her to heaven, wondering what purpose she still served on this earth while living in a failing body.

But during one of Donna’s stays in rehab, she shared her hope in Jesus with a new friend—who later asked to be baptized. Did God still have work left for Donna to do? You bet he did.

Maybe Simeon from the Bible felt the same way. For years he hung out at the temple and waited for Jesus to be born. And waited. And waited some more. God had promised him that he wouldn’t die before he saw the Savior. When Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple 40 days after he was born, Simeon cradled the child in his arms and marveled, “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation” (Luke 2:29,30). But while Simeon was waiting to see his Savior, I’m guessing this “righteous and devout” man (verse 25) wasn’t sitting idle and merely biding his time. God still had work for him to do. 

Like my friend Donna and Simeon, does God still have work for you to do? Even though your body and mind may be failing, be assured that God has a good plan—and his work—for you to do.

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