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Grow in faithfulness
Sarah Habben
by Sarah Habben
November 25, 2023

A dad takes his daughters to the zoo, as promised. He is faithful to his word.

A couple celebrates their 50th anniversary. They have been faithful to their vows.

A congregation works hard to reach out to their community. They are faithful with the gospel.

More often than not, faithfulness comes at a price. The dad at the zoo gave up much-needed overtime. The husband chose to honor his marital vows despite his wife’s past infidelity. The congregation sees no visible results despite all their faithful work. 

Sometimes the price of faithfulness can seem too steep. Sometimes we may go through the motions of faithfulness with a deep frown. Sometimes we blame circumstances for making faithfulness impossible.

Now consider God. He makes some hefty promises. “I will supply all your needs. I will work evil for your good. I will forgive your sins. I will raise you from your grave.” The price he paid to keep those promises? His Son’s life. The attitude behind his faithfulness? Steadfast love. The circumstances that can prevent his faithfulness? Nothing in heaven or on earth or hidden in the human heart. Even “if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself” (2 Timothy 2:13).

God has declared his faithfulness. History proves it. It should be enough, but God does even more. To deepen our trust, he calls us his own, forgiven people in Baptism and in Lord’s Supper. We are convinced of his faithfulness. And out of such faith, our faithfulness grows.