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His love for the world
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
February 17, 2022

I’m so glad that Jesus wasn’t racist. The Novotny family tree reaches its branches back to modern Germany and the Czech Republic. Lots of hardworking, farm-loving, light-skinned folks make up “my people.” How about your people? Have you ever studied your family tree? If so, maybe you feel like I do, grateful that Jesus wasn’t racist.

After studying Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew’s opening chapter, I couldn’t find any connections to my people. I found Iraqi Abraham and Jordanian Ruth, but no Germans made the cut. Thankfully, Matthew’s final chapter makes sure that people like me and you are included in the story of grace: “Go and make disciples of all nations,” Jesus commanded (28:19). 

Don’t you love the “all” in Jesus’ parting words too? Jesus wants your nation, your tribe, your people to know that his love is for you. Jesus died and rose and told his friends to go so that people with skin like yours, hair like yours, eyes like yours might be part of the body of Christ. Jesus reached out his hands through their words so that your people would never be less than, never inferior, never segregated to the back rows of eternity. Jesus gave his life so there would be no shame in being black, no guilt in being white. 

Jesus told his friends to go into the world because his love is for the world. His love is for you!

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