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How do I forgive?
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
August 14, 2022

Years ago I got into a rather unloving exchange with a fellow Christian. The tension had been growing for months, so we met face-to-face to figure it out. As we talked about what God would want us to do—just love—she closed her eyes and gave a slow nod: “I know . . . I know . . .” I sighed, because I knew exactly how she felt. As a Christian, I wanted to let it go and choose to love her as the Bible commands. But it can be so hard to get the truth of the Word into the emotions of your heart, the thoughts of your mind, and the words of your lips.

Have you felt that too?

If so, Jesus wants to help. That’s why he taught us to pray, “Father . . . we also forgive everyone who sins against us” (Luke 11:2,4). Our Savior knew how hard forgiveness would be, so he directs us to the source of supernatural power. When you feel like you can’t, talk to the God who always can!

But look at what Jesus said first: “Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us” (Luke 11:4). “First, Father, forgive us our sins. Forgive me mine.” Forgiveness starts not with you forgiving them, but with God forgiving you. And he has! And he is! And he will!

So when forgiving them seems impossible, remember to pray to your supremely capable and shockingly forgiving Father.

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