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I promise
Pastor Dave Scharf
by Pastor Dave Scharf
October 15, 2022

How many promises have you made in your lifetime? How many have you broken? You’ve probably made enough promises to realize that they get broken all the time. Sometimes we’re afraid because others have hurt us with their dishonest words. Sometimes we’re skeptical of the promise because of the one promising or simply because the promises made seem too good to be true. Can you ever really feel comfortable believing someone when they give you their word? 

What about when God makes promises? “Go ahead, Peter, step out onto the water. . . . Abraham, your 90-year-old wife will bear a child. . . . My dear child, I have forgiven your sins. . . . Out of the billions of people who walk the face of the earth, I have you in my sights. . . . I love you. . . .” Are you ever afraid that God will change his mind and not keep his promises? You’re not alone. So did Peter. So did Abraham. Then what’s the answer? The answer is to look at the cross and remember who God is. He’s the One willing to suffer and die to save you. The answer is to remember Jesus’ words: “For no word from God will ever fail” (Luke 1:37). The answer is to look at his track record for Peter, for Abraham, and for you. Not one failed promise—ever!

Our Lord will keep every word he has spoken, including your eternal life in heaven. After all, he promises it

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