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In it to win it
Christine Wentzel
by Christine Wentzel
July 3, 2024

“Do you not know that when runners compete in the stadium, they all run, but only one receives the prize? Run like that—to win” (1 Corinthians 9:24 EHV).

If you were baptized, you were given the gift of faith and registered to run a new race, one with a reward to live with Jesus now and forever. Your training routine consists of a steady diet of God’s life-sustaining Word using personal devotions, group Bible studies, and worship in Christ. 

Jesus warns you this is not easy because your enemies, such as the devil, the world, and your sinful weaknesses, line up along the way to tempt you. They try everything from seductive appeal (“There are multiple, easier ways to reach God”) to threatening doubts (“Is there really sin or hell?”) to steer you off the road to heaven. As strong as the pull seems at times, the Holy Spirit lives in you to spur you on and increases your faith to know you are in it to win it because of Christ!

Despite the bombardment of temptation, mockery, and hate, Jesus showed you the way to run and win because he did it first. With his joyful eyes on the prize, he ran the race once and for all humanity. He walked through the corridors of hell with fists raised in victory. He stopped the devil from snatching this victory from your hands. May you and I run together with this same joyful confidence and encourage others to follow Jesus.