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It’s all on you
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
May 3, 2023

I couldn’t do what Moses did. You couldn’t either. In Exodus chapter 17 (read the whole chapter; it’s a short one!), the Israelites, who were freshly freed from Egyptian slavery, faced the Amalekite army. They were outnumbered, out weaponed, inexperienced, and in certain peril. They were going to die, and they knew it. 

Imagine you’re Moses. You send your fighting men with no fighting experience to war, and you struggle up a hillside to watch. As long as you keep your hands and staff overhead, the Amalekites’ blood flows. When you drop your hands, your Israelite brethren bleed. Try it. You probably won’t last ten minutes without your arms burning, begging you to stop. Try it. I’ll wait.

Did you drop your arms? Your best friend died. Then your neighbor. Then another. And another.

Moses had to keep his arms up. Too much was at stake. What’s at stake that’s all on you? Are you exhausted, stressed out, burned out? Failure isn’t an option, but you just can’t keep up, right? 

That was Moses. Moses was asked by God to carry that burden. It was rough but worth the payload. Anything worth doing is worth the struggle. It’s not easy to struggle to fulfill God’s commands. Moses didn’t fail because the Lord Almighty was gracing him, guiding him, and giving him what he needed. God does the same for you. You’re not alone. With Jesus, you are never alone.

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