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It’s just a thing
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
April 11, 2024

Do you know what happened to the first light bulb ever invented? After hundreds of hours of working by Thomas Edison, his errand boy dropped and shattered it. Edison went back to work making another. When it was completed, he gave the second light bulb to the same boy. Edison forgave that boy, showing him visible forgiveness.

If a loved one is in a horrible car accident but walks away unharmed, what often is the response? “I don’t care about the car; I’m relieved you’re okay.” But if that same person backed up the car into a light pole, severely denting the bumper, what often is the response? Frustration. Anger. Yelling about how irresponsible the driver was.

Who carelessly damaged or destroyed something you care about? Did they apologize? Did you forgive them or make them feel terrible? Paul encourages us that no matter what someone does, “you ought to forgive and comfort him, so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow” (2 Corinthians 2:7). 

That’s exactly what Thomas Edison did. That’s exactly what Jesus does for you. That’s exactly what Jesus wants from you. A dented car is just a thing. A new smartphone with a shattered screen is just a thing. A lost piece of jewelry is just a thing. We should be careful with the things God has given us, but things should not be more precious than pouring out forgiveness. Whom do you need to show visible forgiveness to?