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Jesus’ favorite topic
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
November 9, 2023

You can’t really understand Jesus until you understand the thing that Jesus talked about the most. Do you know what that is? If your guess is love, that’s a good guess but not at the top of the list. If you guess money, you are biblically educated, since Jesus constantly talked about gold, silver, taxes, and treasures, but you still aren’t quite there. Ready for the real answer? The thing that Jesus talked about the most was the kingdom of God/heaven.

Let me prove it—One of Jesus’ first-ever messages was, “The kingdom of God has come near” (Mark 1:15). One of the earliest summaries of Jesus’ ministry said, “Jesus went throughout Galilee . . . proclaiming the good news of the kingdom” (Matthew 4:23). Nearly all of Jesus’ parables started with, “The kingdom of heaven is like . . .” (Matthew 13:24). At the start of Acts, after Jesus rose from the dead, we read, [Jesus] appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God” (1:3). So if you want to get to know Jesus, get to know the kingdom of God.

What exactly is the kingdom? My favorite summary is this: The kingdom of God is a place of authority and safety. The heart that believes in Jesus as both its Lord and its Savior, the One who gets the final word and the One who promises to keep us safe from sin, death, and hell—that’s the kingdom of God. 

Is the kingdom within you?

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