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Jesus stands with you
Pastor Jeremy Mattek
by Pastor Jeremy Mattek
October 22, 2022

Young Peyton got into a fight with his sister. He was the instigator, and his mom made him stand in a corner in a time-out. While he was in the corner, his mom took a picture of him and posted it online, not because she wanted everyone to see what a crummy kid he was but because of who went to the wall and stood there with him. Dash, the family dog, walked over, sat down on the floor right next to Peyton, and didn’t move until Peyton was done serving time for his punishment. 

The Bible tells us the story of Jesus and a Samaritan woman. He certainly knew who the woman at the well was and that she had tried unsuccessfully to satisfy the thirsts of her heart with adultery and sinful pleasure. In the same way, he knows everything about our lives we’d prefer to keep hidden and every place we go looking for satisfaction. 

Yet he didn’t move when she came walking in his direction. He sat right next to her at that well and gave this woman’s thirsty soul the Water of Life: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst” (John 4:13).

But he didn’t just stand by her side. On the cross he took the punishment that he didn’t deserve. Now she and all who believe in him have a forever home in heaven.

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