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Jesus woos, not woes
Pastor Dave Scharf
by Pastor Dave Scharf
May 1, 2024

In one of Aesop’s fables, the wind and sun prepared to make a man shed his coat. The wind used its violence and force to tear the coat off, but the man only bound himself all the more within it. The sun gradually used its warmth on the man, and he voluntarily shed the coat himself. In a way, the sun wooed him to want to take off his coat.

This is how Jesus wants to win you. Jesus said of the people of Israel, “How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings” (Luke 13:34). Sadly, they were not willing. But here is the point. Jesus does not shame you with woes. He does not force or intimidate you. Instead, he longs to gather you by warming your heart with his love and reminding you of what he’s done.

No matter how many times you and I try to scurry away from Jesus, he gathers us back under the wings of his forgiveness. How? He woos us with his words, “Then neither do I condemn you … surely, I am with you always … in my Father’s house are many rooms.” No matter how often we stray, Jesus woos us back by showing us just how much he loves us. Far more than any hen for her chicks. Jesus suffered hell on a cross so that you and I would go to heaven. Now we are safe under Jesus’ wings!

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