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Keep the party going
Pastor Clark Schultz
by Pastor Clark Schultz
June 3, 2024

Is there a party in your future? A graduation, wedding, anniversary, or retirement? Do you know what makes a party successful? Planning, people, some presents, and quality entertainment. 

God planned the birthday of his New Testament Christian church with all the same elements in place. Ten days after Jesus went up to heaven, folks from all over the Mediterranean gathered in Jerusalem for the Old Testament harvest festival. Here God had the Holy Spirit come on his disciples, and they were able to speak in other languages. We call this Pentecost in the Christian church. A crowd heard the disciples and were amazed: Then how is it that each of us hears them in our native language? (Acts 2:8).

What do you think happened next? Those folks heard the gospel for the first time in their own language and took it back to their homelands. The gospel spread like fire. How far? All the way to you, dear reader. The challenge for you and me is this: can we keep the fire burning and the party going? That Pentecost morning, some felt this was a gimmick or the disciples were drunk. We too can slip into excuse after excuse of why it is someone else’s job to spread the Word.  

Party checklist requirements: 1) you have an awesome God who loves you and equips you with unique gifts, and 2) more important, you have the same Holy Spirit who gives you power through the Word. So keep the Pentecost party going!