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Moms can do most things that Jesus can’t
Pastor Daron Lindemann
by Pastor Daron Lindemann
May 8, 2022

Jesus ascended into heaven. He’s no longer physically here, but seated at the right hand of the Father, he is ruling all things with his grace.

He doesn’t have a physical lap in this world for children to sit on. He doesn’t look at us with a physical face that can give that “I’ve told you a million times” look like Mom can. 

So, moms can do things that Jesus can’t! Jesus himself isn’t a mom. Never will be. Moms make lunches, give hugs, shuttle kids to practices, and plan spectacular birthday parties.

Moms can do things that Jesus can’t. But Jesus can do things that moms can’t.

Jesus once prayed to God the Father, “I will remain in the world no longer, but they [any believers who follow Jesus] are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name” (John 17:11).

Moms, you can’t be the Savior of your children. Only Jesus can. Let that remind you of these three things.

  1. Jesus ascended and is doing his job protecting you and your children. 
  2. Jesus is the Savior of you and your children. 
  3. Jesus can do things for you and your children that you can’t.

Rest and rejoice in those promises from Jesus. While Jesus is doing his job of protecting you and your children with his saving grace, you just keep doing your job of mothering.

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