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New open door
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
September 1, 2022

Culture shifted. Absolute truth died. There’s a new norm. Your truth is your truth. Someone else’s truth is their truth. Everyone wins. Everyone gets a trophy. 

The greatest offense today is telling someone their truth is wrong and you’re right. To believe Jesus is the only way to heaven and the Bible the only absolute truth is offensive. 

So how do you live confidently and express your faith?

This is one of the greatest open doors to the gospel! Be like Paul. When he was in Athens, the people there believed in many false gods. Rather than complaining about their culture, he used it. Paul found a statue with the inscription: “To An Unknown God,” and then he connected them to Christ (see Acts 17:22-34).

In today’s culture, no one can tell you your personal truth is wrong. So . . . tell your truth, the truth of how God’s love gives you peace, how the power of God did the impossible for you. Tell others about Jesus by sharing how Jesus’ mercy gives you confidence to face each day. They’ll listen if you don’t tell them they have to believe it themselves. And you can’t make them believe anyway. That’s the Spirit’s job. Your job is to plant the seed of the gospel.

So share your story, which is God’s story. Tell others how you’ve seen God’s power and God’s presence in your life. And after you share that truth, pray the Spirit will work on their hearts to see the truth that God loves them too!

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