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Of little importance
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
July 25, 2022

Here’s a rainy day activity. Go to a resale shop and buy an old globe. Put seven billion dots on it. Distribute them around the globe. Each dot represents one person on earth. Can you find your dot? No? Me either. Now slingshot your globe into an infinite universe and zoom way out. Can you find your planet? No? Me either. Do you feel small? Me too. Sometimes we need to feel small because it magnifies our worth to God. I’m okay with being of little importance to him. Being of little importance to God is like being the only thing important to God.

God is very detail oriented. “Every hair on your head has been counted.” We are one of the details. So, “don’t be afraid!” (Matthew 10:30,31 GW). God pays more attention to our well-being than we pay to it ourselves. He must say to himself, “I can’t believe he’s going to eat that.”

He is especially good at protecting us from things we don’t see coming. I survived four deer and one telephone pole crashing into my vehicles. I’ve been shocked but not electrocuted. He gave me a safe landing when I fell from the top of an extension ladder. I wonder how many other times he extended his almighty arms and kept me safe. My guardian angels must have their own support group. I hope they can hear me praise the Lord. Let all of us little people praise the Lord.

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