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Our Father in heaven (Part 2)
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
January 27, 2021

My daughters are still at that priceless stage where they adore their daddy. When I come home from work, they drop everything and sprint, squealing, to squeeze their arms around Daddy’s legs. (They’ll do that when they’re 16, right?) They love their father. Why wouldn’t they? I have loved them first, in a million different ways.

Loving God can be a bit more challenging. Because even Jesus admitted that we pray to “our Father in heaven” (Matthew 6:9). In heaven means he’s not on earth. He’s not visible or touchable. Therefore, believing our Father loves us and accepts us, despite our sins, can be a great challenge for our faith.

That is precisely why our Father gives fathers . . . and mothers . . . and friends. Good people are great glimpses of the best Father. Whenever your dad lends you some money in your time of need. Whenever your mom lends her ear and just listens to your struggles. Whenever your friends make you laugh and invite you to hang out. Every time someone on earth is kind, patient, selfless, and forgiving, they are helping us to know, in a deeply personal way, the expression that is on our heavenly Father’s face.

Today you will not be able to see your Father. Unless you see by faith. By faith, you see God’s face when you look at their faces, a glimpse of his glory. Now I’m off to give two little girls a glimpse of their Father who is in heaven. They can’t yet see his face, but they can see mine.

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