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Pastor Daron Lindemann
by Pastor Daron Lindemann
May 31, 2024

“Excuse me, sir?!” I was trying to exit a coffee shop as a kind lady behind the coffee bar continued, “I was listening to your Bible study about the Holy Spirit.”

Apparently, the awkwardness of eavesdropping didn’t concern her. She launched into her faith story while mixing up a latte. She quickly reviewed her upbringing as sad, abusive, and relying on addiction to numb the pain. These behaviors continued into her adult years, but four years ago she got in some trouble and God rescued her. 

Throughout this story, she never stopped smiling and never stopped steaming the milk. She wasn’t ashamed. She wasn’t a victim looking for sympathy. She cared more about God and his words coming to life in her than she cared about anything else in that moment. She was consumed by it. Captivated by the One who changed her life, forgave her, loved her, freed her.

And she had to tell me about it. Just because. Like coffee aroma always overflows through the shop.

People whose lives have been transformed by God’s Word and work just have to talk about it. Today, live up to these words, telling God that this is what you want to do:

“My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times. Your statutes are my delight. … Never take your word of truth from my mouth. … See how I love your precepts; preserve my life, Lord, in accordance with your love” (Psalm 119:20,24,43,159).