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Time of Grace connects people to God’s grace—his love, glory, and power—so they realize the temporary things of life don’t satisfy. What brings satisfaction is knowing that because Jesus lived, died, and rose for all of us, we have access to the eternal God—right now and forever. We are blessed to have friends like you who are dedicated to joining with us to share this message with as many people as we can. And that’s why Time of Grace is a great way for you to continue to support earthly ministry after the Lord calls you to heaven.

Did you know the largest gift most people can make to charity is often a planned gift? Such a gift can be truly transformational for an organization like Time of Grace!

We ask you to prayerfully consider your family first and then also to consider a gift to fund gospel ministry at Time of Grace. Here are some ways you could make a planned gift:

  • A simple bequest in your will. (Did you know 80% of planned gifts are given in this way?)
  • Naming Time of Grace as beneficiary of your IRA or 401k. (Do you know the tax implications of your IRA assets compared to other assets you may hold?)
  • Naming Time of Grace as beneficiary of a financial brokerage account and/or life insurance policy.
  • Giving property to Time of Grace. (Let’s talk about this first!)
  • Purchasing a charitable gift annuity (CGA) to benefit Time of Grace.
  • Establishing a charitable trust to benefit your loved ones and later Time of Grace.
  • Transferring a gift of appreciated stock to Time of Grace. (Email us for the DTC number at

Time of Grace uses four different funding options to provide stability for the short-term and long-term financial health of the ministry:

Here are some steps you can take:

  • Interested in a conversation or more information, contact Paul Mattek at
  • Seek the advice of your financial and/or legal advisors.
  • When you include Time of Grace in your plans, please use the following legal name and identifying information:
    Time of Grace Ministry, Inc.
    P.O. Box 301 Milwaukee, WI 53201
    Federal Tax ID Number: 31-1739040
  • If you’d like to do some planning and thinking on your own,

download a free copy of our estate planning guide

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