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Plug in to the power source
Pastor Clark Schultz
by Pastor Clark Schultz
February 10, 2024

A young man was studying to be a pastor when he learned that his brother had been killed. He felt he should be able to ride it out. But what followed was a downward spiral to the point where counseling was needed. 

The counselor asked him to journal the details of his week. The young man proudly turned in his journal, and the counselor identified the problem immediately. “How much time did you spend working out today?”

The young man answered, “At least an hour or more.”

“Why?” the counselor asked.

“So I don’t become stressed.”

“Okay, and how much time did you spend in God’s Word?” And there it was. “An hour on the treadmill and nine minutes in prayer? Why did you spend so much time working out and only giving God the table scraps?”

The tears flowed from the young man’s face. That young man was me. I knew I was not following what Paul had encouraged Timothy to do: “Continue in what you have learned” (2 Timothy 3:14).

Many of us have similar stories of the “stuff” we have to do, but we forget why we do it or what the most important thing is. Like a cell phone that goes dead unless it is charged, God encourages us to stay plugged in to our power source, which is his Word, to bask in the love and forgiveness that God gives. And yes, if counseling is needed, do not be afraid to ask for help.